Total AIM Securities in issue

The total number of AIM securities in issue  119,103,333

Percentage of shares not in public hands

The percentage of SNR PLC shares not in public hands is 52.06%.

Identity and percentage of significant shareholders

Identity Shares As Percentage
Cooch 1095 Ltd 26,473,000 22.23%
Southern Cape Corridor Power (Pty) Limited (a) 14,100,000 11.84%
The Tudor BVI Global Portfolio L.P. – LBPB Nominees Ltd 8,883,333 7.46
Sterling Trust Limited 7,500,000 6.30%
Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited 6,800,000 5.71%

The Tudor BVI Global Portfolio L.P – LBPB Nominees Ltd has voting rights over 2,083,333 ordinary shares and an economic interest in 6,800,000 ordinary shares

Director’s Shareholdings (not in public hands)

Identity Shares As Percentage
Barry William Nel, Commercial Director (a) 14,100,000 11.84
Jeremy Peter Metcalfe, Communications Director (b) 2,972,672 2.50%
Richard Henry Ringrose Latham, Chairman (c) 2,901,111 2.44%
Robert Myles Randal MacDonnell M.S.I, Non-Exec Indep. Dir. (d) 156,585 0.13%
Edward Cox 75,000 0.06%
Andy Brennan 30,000 0.03%
David John Nel, Chief Executive (a) 15,000 0.01%

(1) 2,500,000 of these shares are held by a company,  Cayzer Continuation PCC Limited  – Cell 3512 for the benefit of R H R Latham and some are held in a nominee account with Redmayne Nominees Limited.

(2) Holding includes 89,235 shares  owned by R M R  MacDonnell’s wife, Mrs E MacDonnell.

(3) Holding includes 15,600  shares  owned by J P Metcalfe’s wife, Mrs C Metcalfe and some shares are held in a nominee account.

4) B W Nel and D J Nel are trustees of the Southern Cape Corridor Trust (“the Trust”). B W Nel is not a beneficiary of the Trust, although his children including D J Nel,  are beneficiaries. The trust owns 78.5% and D J Nel owns 20% of the shares in Southern Cape Corridor Power (Pty) Ltd which in turn owns 14,100,000 shares in the Company.

Number of securities held in treasury

There are no securities held in treasury.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

This page was last updated on 22nd August 2011